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Classic Motorcycle Insurance

New bikes are nice, but classic, vintage rides are what it's all about for serious motorcycle enthusiasts. Properly maintained, they just get better with age. Refurbishing a vintage bike is also a fun, rewarding hobby and great way to become part of a thriving community. If you plan to ride your vintage or classic motorcycle, be sure to invest in classic motorcycle insurance. You can request classic motorcycle insurance quotes right here.

What are classic and vintage motorcycles?

  • The terms "classic" and "vintage" (and "antique") are often used interchangeably, and their exact meaning can vary.
  • In general, if a motorcycle is over a certain age, it is considered classic and/or vintage. (For example, one insurer defines vintage as over 30 years of age, while the Antique Motorcycle Club of America defines antique as any motorcycle 35 years or older.)
  • More specifically, vintage refers to the year of production. On the other hand, classic can imply a standard-setting model. (The old Knucklehead Harleys, for instance.)

How does classic motorcycle insurance work?

  • Policies vary from carrier to carrier. Again, there is no standardized definition of what's considered classic or vintage. In some cases, there's no difference between the two. When considering whether to issue classic motorcycle insurance, the insurer will look most closely at the stated value of the bike.
  • Therefore, determining the value of your older bike is the most important factor when it comes to insurance and what your premium will be. Many classic motorcycle insurance carriers will require a vehicle inspection and an appraisal done by a qualified professional.
  • Other important factors include the motorcycle's age and whether or not it was part of a limited production.
  • Also, some companies offer special limited mileage programs for motorcycles that are rarely ridden (just for shows, for example).
  • In the case of restored bikes, you will again have to provide a verifiable stated value. It's best to wait on classic motorcycle insurance until restoration work is completed or close to done so that the bike is appraised properly and insured for the appropriate value. But keep in mind that some companies will only insure a restored motorcycle if the work is done by one of its approved restoration specialists.

Dos and don'ts of classic motorcycle insurance...

  • Use the Internet to compare motorcycle insurance rates for classic and vintage motorcycle insurance. Often costs for similar policies from different carriers will vary.
  • Shop specialty motorcycle insurers who understand classic and vintage bikes. Many will provide towing and roadside assistance.
  • Store your bike inside and perform regular maintenance. Bikes parked outside are more prone to theft, increasing insurer risk. Deteriorating bikes break down more often, raising rates.

If your classic bike is in road-ready condition, and you plan to ride it at least occasionally (to bike shows or parades, for example), you are a strong candidate for classic or vintage motorcycle insurance. Request classic motorcycle insurance quotes today!

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