low cost motorcycle insurance

Low-Cost Motorcycle Insurance

Inexpensive doesn't have to mean cheap, and that's certainly true of motorcycle insurance. Get the cheapest motorcycle insurance quotes without sacrificing quality. Requesting multiple online quotes for motorcycle insurance will help you find the cheapest, best-value policy for you. So, whether you ride a tour bike, chopper, or sport cycle, you can find excellent coverage at low rates with the motorcycle insurance companies here on Motorcycle Insurance Quotes, especially if you qualify for rider discounts. Find high-quality, cheap motorcycle insurance today.

What should I look for in affordable motorcycle insurance quotes?

  • High-quality, cheap motorcycle insurance polices should include liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. Most states require riders to have liability insurance by law.

    Liability: Covers injury and property damage to other motorists.
    Collision: Pays for damages to your bike caused by an accident.
    Comprehensive: Protects bike against fire, theft, or vandalism.

    Be sure your value policy covers the replacement cost of your bike (if it is totaled in an accident), not just its depreciated value.
  • Several factors determine your individual motorcycle insurance rates: the displacement size of the motorcycle's engine in cubic centimeters (cc); the type and brand of the motorcycle; the policyholder's age, place of residence, traffic record, and driving experience; and the motorcycle's function (pleasure, commute, etc.), status (garaged or active), and annual mileage.
  • Most motorcycle insurers offer policy discounts, which can significantly reduce a rider's rates. Membership in motorcycle associations (American Motorcycle Association, Harley Davidson Owners Group, etc.) and completion of approved driver-training courses qualify policyholders for discounts. Insuring multiple bikes with the same carrier also often reduces rates.
  • Cheap motorcycle insurance is not always available for custom choppers and Special Constructions. Specialized coverages, such as Guest Passenger Liability (protection for injured guest passengers) or Custom Parts and Equipment insurance (coverage for non-factory enhancements), are not standard in low-cost motorcycle insurance policies.

Benefits of comparing motorcycle insurance quotes online...

  • U.S. drivers can save hundreds of dollars on average every six months by comparing motorcycle insurance rates, according to Progressive.
  • Find carriers that offer multi-vehicle discounts and roadside assistance. Insure two vehicles with the same company for the price of one.
  • Locate insurers that offer discounts for joining rider associations, wearing protective motorcycle safety gear, installing anti-theft devices, and taking defensive driver courses.

How to make sure your cheap motorcycle insurance policy stays cheap...

  • Maintain a "clean" driving record (no tickets or accidents) and strong credit rating. Both can affect your motorcycle insurance premiums, as they are used to grade your risk. Complete motorcycle driving courses. Visit American Motorcyclist Association and National Safety Council for additional information.
  • Store your motorcycle inside and perform regular maintenance. Bikes parked outside are more prone to theft, increasing cheap motorcycle insurance premiums. Aging, deteriorating bikes break down more frequently, raising insurance rates.
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