mini bike insurance

Mini Bike Insurance

Minibikes and minichoppers might not be motorcycles, but they aren't toys, either. Enjoy these motorized recreational vehicles (appropriate for teens 16 years and up) the right way. Like three- and four-wheel ATVs, these vehicles can be dangerous, even deadly, if used improperly. Moreover, they can be a liability to others and their property. Make sure you have the proper minibike motorcycle insurance to cover your riding experience.

Though the law doesn't require it in most cities and states, consider carrying liability and property damage coverage for your family's minibike or mini chopper.

What are minichoppers or minibikes...

  • Minichoppers and minibikes are miniature motorcycles, typically featuring four-stroke, 49cc engines from Subaru or Tecumseh.
  • Mini choppers and minibikes are designed for recreational use on paved surfaces. They are not for public roads, freeways, or long-distance travel, due to their limited fuel capacity (1 to 2 gallons) and small frames, engines, and wheels (8 to 10 inches).
  • Most mini choppers and minibikes reach top speeds between 20 and 40 mph with a teen or adult rider (150 to 200 pounds). Some minibikes are more powerful, featuring 70cc engines.
  • Both custom shops and larger manufacturers (Manco and Kikker) produce minichoppers, minibikes, and pocket bikes. Minibikes also can be purchased as kits and assembled. Most builders and manufacturers strongly recommend that individuals under 16 do not use minibikes and minichoppers without adult supervision. At purchase, they also require buyers to accept all liability for damages, injury, or death caused by the use of their products.

How does mini chopper, minibike insurance work...

  • Inquire with your city and your state's Department of Motor Vehicles to see if minibikes are legal in your area and if you need to license and/or register your minibike or mini chopper.
  • Motorcycle insurance companies that specialize in ATV insurance often also sell minibike motorcycle insurance. Typically they offer liability and property coverage for these vehicles, covering injury to others and damage to property.
  • Motorcycle insurance companies usually only insure factory-made minibikes and mini choppers, not custom mini choppers or Special Constructions.

Dos and Don'ts of custom mini choppers and minibikes...

  • Take a hands-on training course from a respected company.
  • Wear helmets, protective clothing, gloves, and protective eyewear when operating minichoppers and minibikes.
  • Do not carry passengers or engage in stunt riding. Avoid challenging terrain.
  • Use the Internet to compare mini chopper and minibike motorcycle insurance quotes. Often motorcycle insurance rates for similar policies from different carriers will vary.
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